Angry Birds - Classic

Angry Birds - Classic Version Demo

The game that swept over the world in a free version

Many versions have been released to this animal loving game depicting a vicious war between wholesome, peace seeking birds and their archenemies – the ever so greedy politicians, uhhh, sorry, pigs.
There's probably not a single soul alive who haven’t heard of Angry Birds, but the game in hand is the classic version. After the green pigs have stolen the birds' eggs all hell breaks loose, as the birds claim their revenge, and there's no one around to stop them.
Harnessing the rules of physics, turning themselves into deadly projectiles, the birds, which as implied by their name, suffer from unresolved anger management issues, set about to ruin all that the pigs have built. We're talking about generous amounts of destruction here.
As you'll go through the game's 240 levels you'll surely learn a thing or two about birds and about your ability to handle challenging games, in more ways than one!
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